" I have had the privilege to serve in the South Dakota Legislature during the past eight years. I have served on the education, taxation, state affairs, and state-tribal relations committees. I have also had the opportunity to serve on the leadership team in the State House of Representatives as a majority whip for the last four years. I have also served on committees on the national level for the National Conference of State Legislators, been a graduating member of the Bohay Institute of Leadership, and have been selected as a member of ACYPL (American Council of Young Political Leaders). "

Cooper Garnos for District #21 State Senate

Providing support for education

  1. Opportunity scholarships
  2. National board certification
  3. Wiring the schools
  4. Increased state aid
  5. Strengthing the SD retirement system

Providing tax relief for our taxpayers, land owners, and businesses

  1. Property tax reduction program
  2. Elimination of the SD inheirtance tax
  3. Food tax program for low income households
  4. Retailer reimbursement program

Supporting our women and men in our armed services

  1. Bonus pay for our SD National Guard troops
  2. Tuition bonuses for the children of our National Guard troops
  3. Restricting protests at military services

Providing economic development in South Dakota

  1. Ethanol industry
  2. SD certified beef program
  3. Winds farms
  4. Homestake lab initiative